So What?

So What?

Related to the previous post on a person’s worldview, we may well ask, so what? Who needs consistency? Who wants to think that deeply about such things? Seems like an academic exercise in navel gazing.

And yet, to live a life that pleases and glorifies God, the Christian ought to prayerfully and intentionally put together a biblical world and life view. To live a life of love for God and neighbor will require a life that is lived faithfully according to that worldview. Furthermore, a godly person will also want to pass that view of life on to family members, as well as to other disciples.

I once read that a person’s worldview is as practical as potatoes. Far from being purely an academic or philosophical pursuit, a person’s view of life has a “real life” shaping effect. Only as one interprets the world through the lens of a Christian worldview, will that person be better able to see how he or she ought to live and bear a faithful witness to it.

Writer George Barna has written for years on the sad news that there is virtually no difference between Christians and unbelievers in what they believe and how they live their lives. The one exception, he notes, are those believers who consciously hold a biblical worldview. Does that describe you? Do you hold such a worldview? Feel free to reach out to me and I’ll do my best to help you move in that direction.

Walking Points

  • Have you ever thought thoroughly about what you believe as a Christian and how it plays out in your daily life?
  • Of the five elements of a godly person’s worldview, which one are you most familiar with? Least familiar with?
  • Talk with one or two Christian brothers or sisters this week about the five key elements of a worldview to discover more about how you view life.
  • Then, pray about getting together regularly with these folks so you may grow in your understanding and application of God’s Word, for it really does apply to every sphere of life.


All-wise and all-knowing God, you are the Lord of heaven and earth. Nothing truly makes sense apart from you. Forgive me when I try to live in your world as though you don’t exist. Whether it’s the way I view the universe and my place in it, the moral decisions I make every day, my values that I pass on to others, how I understand where I came from, why I’m here, and where I’m going after death, please help me have your true and eternal perspective on all such matters and not that of the world around me. Let my thinking, speaking, and living be radically out of step with the prevailing culture that surrounds me, but give me greater love for those who are a part of it, so I may reach them with the grace and truth of your Gospel. And Lord, I pray that the things I believe will make a genuine difference in the way I live my life, so that I may be holy, even as you are holy. In Christ’s name I pray. Amen.

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