A New Way of Seeing: Viewing Life with an Eternal Perspective

New book and study guide…

We need God’s grace to change our hearts. We need a new way of seeing – a different perspective. God’s eternal perspective. This new way of seeing comes only when we have a new heart, and we receive a new heart only when we trust in Christ alone as our Savior and Lord… only when he comes to dwell in us, by his Spirit. We need his Word to direct us and his grace to enable us to see in this new way, which, in turn, helps us cultivate the character of Christ in our lives.

Each lesson in this study contains a reading and an in-depth Bible study at the end which will help you reflect more deeply on God’s eternal perspective on some of the most important issues of life.

This study is ideal for small groups, larger Bible studies, or for personal study and reflection.

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